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 Cacao Ecstatic Dance

‘Liven Up Yourself’ | Move your Body | Dance your Dreams

Next Event: Sat 18th May 11.30am to 1.30pm in Community Garden
with Gay & Karen Grant on Djembe Drum
The Park, Findhorn.    £15 including Ceremonial Cacao

“Thank you Gay for an evening of love, open hearts and deep connection with each other & ourselves!!

No one knew what to truly expect & the outcome for each of us I’m sure was truly bountiful.


Sharing Cacao & honouring each others intentions was a beautiful beginning to an evening of ecstatic dance. Sheer joy, release, freedom, gratitude & an overwhelming sense of inner peace moved through me as each mantra dance track played. Superb choice of music, from high energy to reflective & calming. I think you could tell how much I loved the Ganesha track (big smile).I danced under the stars and even found myself dancing with a tree!! Powerful beyond belief…

All finished beautifully with another of your amazing gong baths. Each time I’m astounded by both the

level of energy & pure relaxation I feel during & after.

An evening of pure medicine for my soul.”


Thank you, thank you, Vicky Martin

If you LOVE TO DANCE - you will LOVE this Event

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What Happens with Cacao?

The Sacred Cacao, through its amazing properties, the rhythm of the music and the movement of the dance, will carry you into a heightened state of consciousness.

Cacao is the natural raw form of Chocolate before the bean has been heated and processed which then destroys all its beneficial wellness properties. It is an Ancient Rainforest Medicine which works on all the levels of our Being and a Cacao Ceremony is a joyful process which empowers us to connect and to live within our Heart. 


The Cacao is prepared in a sacred way with intention and respect. We awaken the Spirit of Cacao by singing our Cacao Song and we honour it with prayer before setting our intentions together and drinking. It is warm and nourishing with deep flavour and may be quite bitter for some people, but I always bring extra honey.  

Many people rarely give themselves the permission to dance without the support of alcohol or drugs but in this blending of Cacao, Music and Movement it becomes a consciousness raising practice – a mindful practice – a form of ecstatic moving meditation and release - a body mind spirit DETOX!


Allowing the Cacao to bring us deeply into our heart space, we dance with intention to release tensions and stresses of these times and manifest our dreams through music and dance.


It is an opportunity to cultivate deep joy within community gathering together with like minded people.


We dance to free our spirit and to create a deep connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky opening our hearts to ourselves, each other and the Universe.

Properties of Cacao

Although Cacao is a teacher plant, everything that happens to you with Cacao is very gentle and unobtrusive – you will have feelings of joy and love.

Cacao contains the “bliss chemicals” (anandamides and phenylethylamine), which are the precursors to serotonin; the ‘happy’ hormone.

Cacao is an MOA inhibitor which increases the production of DMT (a profound substance in the brain, which helps alter and improve your perception of the world).

Cacao is also a vasodilator (a drug that causes a widening/opening of blood vessels), so it increases flow to the brain and heart and skin which is what gives us that feeling of expansion, glow & oneness.

Theobroma or Cacao actually translates as “The Food of the Gods”.

“I have been carrying a heavy heart for this last while.  Your gatherings have helped me so much,  ESPECIALLY the other night.  

The combination of the Cacao and the Dancing was simply mind-blowing.  What a beautiful Sacred Space we created.  I went home feeling like I had danced away this weight in my heart.  I felt so much lighter.

Thank you for being who you are and sharing your Divine Magic.  Please keep the gatherings coming.”

 ~ Hannah B

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Give Yourself Permission to Be Who You Are in the Ecstasy of the Music

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