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Sacred Dance

The Dances tell a story , release energy, manifest dreams
or honour aspects of nature.

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Why is Dance Important?

Our Body is a CONDUIT FOR ENERGY – we are the interface between the upper realms and the elemental realms. We are made up of wave like vibrations of energy and our frequency reflects our holistic health - ie physical, emotional and spiritual.  These energies can’t normally be seen by our eyes – but they ARE there. As we move, these energies leave trails and as we move in circle we create a vortex - a spiralling stream moving in the opposite direction to the Circle – one vortex travels up and other down connecting the earth with the cosmos through the medium of the dancers and the dance. This helps raise the energy of the Earth and also grounds Cosmic Energy.  Though the ‘physical circle’ is limited, its effects are far reaching, like a pebble dropped in water and the waves rippling out, reaching far.

 Our feet are either sending energy into ground or calling energy up – it depends on the intention. Placing of the foot, which part of foot and tapping of the foot calls up the earth energies or can send our energy downwards

Arms & hands are directing the energy sometimes scooping sometimes bringing it into the body or sending it outwards, or opening our bodies to the energy we have created…. Everything is done with intention.


When we join hands in circle and dance the energy runs around the circle and is very powerful.


And lets not forget the vulva and the sway.. Most women’s dances are about fertility esp for mother earth and a major aspect of that is sending energy down from the body through woman’s most powerful and sacred area the vulva..  Ancient peoples knew this and the women went out into the fields to dance on Earth for the success of the crop.

In Africa the tribeswomen dance before a hunt often enacting the killing of the animal.

In Scotland the women danced over the swords to empower them before battle.


Lastly – the women held the magic in the Neolithic and the ancient days of The Goddess.  They were honoured by the men of the tribe, one of the reasons being that they were the ones who birthed new life AND they could bleed without dying.  Then the Indo European hordes invaded from the east – the patriarchal societies and women’s magic began to be closed down. Later the Arabs invaded and women’s magical practices were forbidden. It was at this point that much of the magic was encoded into embroidery, music, songs and DANCES.   Men were afraid of the power of women and so they finally closed us down with the Inquisition and the burnings.

Stormy Beach

Dancing our Intention brings it to its Fullest Potential

It is said that Ancient Dances contained a Code in the Sacred Geometry of the Steps which, when danced, released their Power.

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