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Natural Waterfall

Nature & Shamanism

Why is Nature so important?  There is a divine intelligence associated with the Nature Kingdom – the world of non-human living things all of which have a consciousness. I’m talking about the Elements, Animals, Plants, Crystals and the Four Directions and many more unseen ‘things’ vibrating at a frequency outside our limited human perception of sight and sound. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there!! But we can access these ‘energies’ by shifting our frequency and ‘tuning in’ - intending to connect in whichever way is appropriate at that time for us. 

As Humans, incarnated on Earth, we are the interface between the energy fields of the Upper Angelic Realms and the Lower Elemental World which creates the substance of our physical bodies and all that is on earth. In the Elemental World dwell the animal, mineral & plant spirits and it also reflects the consciousness of humanity. The Upper Angelic realms is where the ‘human’ type spirits reside – angels, ascended masters, galactic guides, star beings & deceased loved ones. Their role is to protect us and when invited to bring us guidance but, under the laws of the universe, they cannot intervene unless invited.

In ancient times humans found it very easy to communicate with the World of Spirit as their energy field was clearer but we have now developed such karmic baggage that it is more difficult for us as present day humans. The most powerful way we can assist the Earth is through healing ourselves and raising our vibration out of fear, anger, greed and shame. The Earth reflects what we as humans are feeling and is an example of how we co-create.

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Shamanic Workshops

  • Learning the Shamanic Journey 

  • Finding and Working with your Power Animal 

  • Ceremonies of the Elements and Quarter Year 

  • Vision Boarding 

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremonies 

  • Inca Despacho Ceremonies of Gratitude

  • Vision Questing 

  • Lakota style Sweat Lodge 

  • Creating and working with your own Labyrinth 

  • Conscious Hikes 

  • Native American Pipe Ceremony 

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