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About the Gong

The sound of the Gong is mysterious and offers you a portal between the oscillating frequencies to enter a dream type world. The Sacred Sound then navigates you through into an alternative reality in which all kinds of interesting experiences can occur.

Gongs have been used as healing tools and ceremonial instruments for 5000 years. They are part of an ancient tradition known as Sound Healing which also includes using our voices (such as toning & mantra chanting), drums, tuning forks and tibetan bowls. A ‘Gong Immersion’ is currently a buzz word in sound healing meditation and is very popular globally in these chaotic, stressful times for relaxation and de-stress.

It is often referred to as a “Gong Bath” due to participants being bathed in the sonic frequencies to which the body entrains and moves into resonance with the vibrations.  This happens because sound can move through and create patterns in water and our bodies are 75% water so the vibrations are absorbed.  No knowledge or experience is required and it can be viewed as a form of meditation accessible to everyone – we don’t have to DO anything except lie down and be willing to receive the sounds.

Gong Events in the stunning natural surroundings of Barbados – it just doesn’t get better

Coco Hill.png

Multiple Gongs at Sunshine Kula


What are the benefits of a gong bath?

  • Calms your body and mind

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Increases focus and clarity

  • Decreases tension and fatigue 

  • Boosts your mood and reduces feelings of anger

  • Improves sleep

  • Elevates feelings of spiritual well-being


What should I expect during a Gong Bath?

Each person’s experience isunique but it’s possible for participants to have a range of experiences from deep relaxation, to visions, epiphanies, insights, and even shamanic style journeys. Sometimes there may be a bit of extra pain in areas of the body that already have discomfort as the “Gong gets to Work” moving energy & rebalancing As Gong Baths are a mode of meditation through which the mind can become quiet, you may find that inspiration, new ideas, or breakthroughs come to you. You might like to have a journal with you to write down these thoughts afterwards. The harmonics of the sound healing retune any emotional disharmony within us. You may feel a range of emotions and reactions such as laughing, crying, feeling euphoric or angry, and anything in between. Many people feel a sense of bliss and peace after a gong bath.


Training for Sound Therapy

  • Integral Yoga Institute in New York (2018) : Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux

  • Certified as a Sound Healer (2005) through Jonathon Goldman one of the original pioneers of Sound Healing


"Each time I do this, I marvel at the fact that I am so lucky to have met Gay, who gives me a reason to commune with nature at every level". 

Joan W.

"It created an inner peace which I had not experienced for such a long time" 


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