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About Labyrinths

The Labyrinth is a powerful medium through which we can work in various ways. In this event, we use it as a tool to let go of the past – so that we don’t allow our current life to revolve around a former wound or trauma which limits our ability to find true joy and happiness in the present. And as a tool to manifest our Dreams.  We can ‘change our story’ - how we interpret yesterday, how we view ourselves and how we live today as a result.

On the Threshold – gathering yourself at the entrance and setting your intention
Journeying In – moving to realise who you are at this moment – opening your mind.
The Centre – at the centre you rest and allow the possibility of new awareness being born
Journeying Out – allows you to return with this new awareness.
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1: ON THE THRESHHOLD Smudge before entering. Purify feet with sacred water and stand barefoot really connecting with Mother Earth in your walk of awareness. Set a powerful INTENTION.
Centre yourself – you may want to bend and touch the earth in some way – might ring a bell or open up the chakras using colour. Find a word, prayer or mantra as a focus. You may call a guide to assist you or a power animal or spirit ally and then step in – observe how this feels.

2: JOURNEY IN - As you progress along the spiral moving slowly, keep your focus on your intention but
also allow your mind to go where it needs to go – watch your perception sharpen and see each sharp
turn as a shaving away of any negativity you may still be holding. Enjoy these turns as they can show us new ways for our lives and show us that we may feel we are lost but in actual fact we are still moving towards the central goal.

3: THE CENTRE – rest here and take inspiration – the centre is where something new can take root and blossom. Sit quietly and vision for what you wish to manifest. Notice what comes up for you – ask a question you are normally too afraid to ask? Express emotions you may be too afraid to normally show – anger, grief, beauty, joy etc Emptied of distraction or negativity you now have the opportunity to be filled.

In the centre you can also bury something or burn something you have written on paper that you wish to release. You can sit and vision your future or ask for guidance from Spirit.

4: JOURNEYING OUT – give thanks for any insights you have received and begin your journey out holding your vision powerfully. The journey out has a magic all of its own as you integrate what has happened in the inward journey and the centre. When you reach the exit, stop and give thanks to the Earth and to your Guides then rest. You may wish to sit on the edge of your labyrinth in one of the directions, or write in your journal. You may want to hum, sing or dance or just BE in the space as your own silent witness.

Once you are complete you can either destroy your labyrinth releasing the energies to the Universe or
you can leave it for the incoming tide ?

A special experience not to be missed and only possible when the sargassum is greatly reduced
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