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What's on Offer with Gay Taaffe

Gong Baths in The Forest

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A Gong Bath is a Vibrational Sound Meditation.

The gentle beat or stroke of mallets on metal (an alloy of copper, tin and nickel) creating sound waves and overtones which have the potential to entrain with your body and emotional field returning you to your individual harmonic resonance

Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao Ceremony.jpg

Food of the Gods

Many people are now being called to participate in Cacao Ceremonies through a longing for reconnection with Mother Nature.  Cacao is more than chocolate – it has a spiritual dimension and an intelligence that we cannot perceive with the mind, but only through the heart, the intuition and our feelings.

Ceremonies in Nature

Ceremony Sea2.jpg

Life is a Ceremony

Ceremony is when we put aside a special time and space set apart from our everyday life when we create a connection to ourselves, to each other and often to Nature. It helps us quieten down and allows us to find our inner connection and our personal power.  Ceremony is a means of celebrating, marking changes, or introducing something new and empowers that moment which becomes alive, vibrant, and we are changed by the process. 

Sacred Dance

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Dancing as Meditation is a holistic practice which connects us not only to our Body, Mind & Spirit, but also to each other AND Mother Earth in deep and profound ways.  Through dances of intention we can release, heal and manifest for ourselves and for Nature & The Elements. Steps are very simple yet powerful, coming from both ancient traditions and contemporary choreographers – music is sublime and meaningful.



Self Empowerment, Healing & Crafts

Learn how to journey into the shamanic realms, find your personal power animal and connect to it for wisdom and guidance. Be guided to explore a past life, heal through making your own personal sand labyrinth or learn ancient crafts.  Gather round a fire to release and manifest or learn how to use your voice for personal healing. Look out for these  individual workshops in the events page.

Yoga & Gong

Gay & Pam2.jpg

A Collaboration with Sunshine Kula Yoga Studio

Pam & Gay join forces offering a dynamic Yoga & Sound Practice with Yoga Asanas of Intent supported by Drum, Gong and Metal or Crystal Bowls. The energy of the sound frequencies powerfully supports the movements and meditation. Individually themed sessions and every Thursday mixed level Yoga with Gong Sivasana.

Wedding & Other Personal Ceremonies

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Ceremonies for Those Who Think ‘Outside the Box' Many people nowadays don’t wish a religious Wedding and would like more than a Magistrate will offer. As an independent UK certified Wedding Celebrant, I work with couples to provide individually created and bespoke ceremonies centred around their own dreams.


power animals 4.jpg

Shamanism is the belief that we are all connected and in Oneness with Nature and everything we do affects the Whole. It  is a spiritual practice that honours the Earth as a Spiritual Being and understands that everything carries consciousness and life force therefore we, as sentient beings are able to communicate with these forces and benefit from the information we receive.   Within Nature we find guidance about life’s mysteries, insights into our imbalances and magical gifts to help us with vision and alchemy.

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