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Tools of Transformation

About Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge is one of the most powerful ceremonies that exists to mankind on the basis that it draws on power from all 5 Natural Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit) and engages all aspects of the Human (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual). 
It can be Healing, Purifying or Manifesting depending on the Theme and Intention behind It.

“I went for spiritual renewal and experienced incredible inner healing. It was magical!

Gay is a true mystic and devoted spiritual guide “  ~ JMS

A low circular frame is created and covered with blankets to retain heat and we all enter this ‘tent’ and sit in sacred circle.  Opposite this, a firepit heats volcanic rocks, which are gradually brought into the sweat lodge and put in a central pit then sprinkled with water to create steam which purifies us like a sauna.  We invite our Spirit Guides to join us in the Lodge, honouring their presence with a welcoming chant and then we each have the opportunity to speak directly to Spirit around the Circle asking for healing, release of what no longer serves us or fulfilment of dreams we might have. There are four rounds and the door is opened in between each to allow cool air to circulate.  It is a deeply powerful & immersive experience.

Sweat Lodge PEG.jpg
If we open, engage and ‘allow’ in Sweat Lodge there is a magical quality which opens to us - either within the Lodge or afterwards when our life flows in beautiful ways it hasn’t before. 

It is an ancient tradition performed by all indigenous cultures in the past, but is now mainly a part of Native American and First Nations  culture but is now popular as a ‘remembered’ practice in Europe and the USA. It is not something to enter into lightly or without full understanding of the principles behind Sweat Lodge and the more you prepare the more you will achieve through participation. 

Next Sweat: Wolf Spirit Lodge at PEG Farm
Sat 20th May from 4pm - 8pm $70

Heading 5


Wolf comes to Lodge with powerful qualities of intelligence & intuition, self esteem, loyalty, independence and freedom. Wolf is the Pathfinder, assisting you especially when you may feel lost or misguided and can guide you back to your path bringing you back to balance. Social connections and family are strong for Wolf as well as family bonding.  But wolf also brings out our ‘wildness’ encouraging us to remember our connections to Nature and the Universe with gratitude.

I am trained as a Lodge Pourer and work within the strict codes of Native American Lakota
Tribal Tradition.  Safety and well being are of paramount importance to me and to the Firekeepers and Doorkeepers who care for us and serve us through the process.


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