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My Podcast

Frequency & Lifestyle

My Podcast is a reflection of my work within Sound & Gong, Shamanic Ceremonies and Meditative Dance

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We are vibrational beings with a unique personal frequency that is influenced by our thoughts, emotions and everything around us through what is known as entrainment. In this Podcast, you can find out how to improve your lifestyle, relationships and health through an understanding of positive and negative  influences and how to raise your frequency for a better life.

Season 1: Frequency & Lifestyle

Learn out how to improve your Lifestyle through an understanding of how frequency and entrainment can work to your benefit helping your life to flow in abundance and luck. In this episode I give you a brief understanding of how everything is made up of frequency and vibrations and how these waves of energy affect our lifestyle, our health and our relationships.

Season 2 & 3 Mudra Meditations

We move into the power and healing qualities of different Mudras with an introduction and a guided meditation. Mudras bring a calmness to the body, mind & spirit promoting holistic health and allow us to go inward and recharge our energy levels thus raising our Frequency.

Season 2: The Elements   Season 3: Protection

Season 4: Into the Dreamtime

Journey with Animal Spirits

In Season 4,  I help raise your frequency into relaxation and conscious connection to the world of Animal Spirit Guides.  Each animal holds different qualities available to us as we connect to them in our imagination through guided visualization and sink ‘Into The Dreamtime’  A beautiful bedtime ‘listen’.

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