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Beltane Vision Quest 2023

Moving into Deep Personal Healing in Nature 

PEG Farm Apr 30th - May 4th 2023
(Max 8 people)  Bds$700

Fully supported before,

during and after

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For thousands of years humans have retreated and fasted in nature and wilderness to search for a life affirming vision. The biblical Old Testament talks of the Prophets who walked the desert seeking connection to God and it is said the Jesus retreated for 40 days and 40 nights.


Shamans have always quested to connect with spiritual realms in order to receive sacred visions and wisdom from Spirit Guides to help their tribes. 


This type of Personal Retreat - a Quest - is an ancient rite of passage. It is a journey to the centre of your Soul. It is an act of power that can change your life forever. A Vision Quest re-connects us to our inner wisdom, the support of nature and the spirit world, helping us to find a juicier sense of purpose and belonging in our time here on Earth.

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A traditional Vision Quest is 4 days and 4 nights in personal solitary space in Nature with a powerful intention, fasting and drinking only water which promotes deep introspection and a deeply heightened state of awareness and often trance or ‘Ecstasy’. It is an inner journey of getting to know ‘who you are’ and taking your life’s journey into a higher dimension.


The dates for this next quest are over the festival of Beltane - a powerful time in the Celtic calendar when the focus is on fertility, abundance and rebirth. The actual Quest will commence on the afternoon of Sun 30th April and finish on the morning of Thurs 4th May within the confines of PEG Farm.  Each person will have their own personal space. Locations are varied with everyone having a large personal boundary space.

There has to be strong purpose for you moving into this sacred experience - leaving the world behind and moving well outside your comfort zone of what is familiar and secure and separating from your normal life to journey deep into your Soul and connect to Nature

It can help you:

Overcome fears and self imposed limitations

Heal abuse, grief, and anger issues

Heal relationship issues

Discover who you are

Connect more deeply to Nature

Find your true life purpose

Gain power and clarity

Connect to your Higher Self and Great Spirit

Meet your Guides and Spirit Teachers

Seek a Medicine Name


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“My Vision Quest changed me in the most powerful of ways. There are no words to really describe this except that It was beautiful and necessary and it was also transformative in a way that only the most challenging and sacred of experiences can be. The love and support of the other questers as well as Gay’s full attention to our personal process allowed me to take the steps I needed for my own growth and commitment to my Self. I felt secure and prepared for the journey, safe whilst it was happening and encouraged and supported in coming back to my daily life. Of all the sacred retreats I have taken it has been the most profound, especially as the integration back into my daily life was handled with love, compassion and a perfect dose of the practical. I have immense gratitude and always will.”
- Christy Punnett


“Vision Quest is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time and Gay gave her heart and soul to the whole process. The results were dazzling, the Vison Quest that we all had under Gay’s guidance was the absolute highest grade of meaningful experiences. It’s difficult to find the words to describe the impact this wonderful ritual had on all who took part, not least myself, it really was transformational. All the things I thought I would miss like food, music and reading were not missed at all and things I could not predict came up it really was a magical experience that I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone who is on the path.”

- Russell Davison


“The Vision Quest was so transformational for me –  I loved every moment. 

Connecting to nature, to oneself & the Divine Source was all I needed for my inner healing - the peace & oneness with all was beautiful. 

Gay provided a truly safe, well organized quest & held space for us all like a true warrior. 

I am forever grateful to Gay & all.” 

- Luna

”Vision Quest was a profound and transformative experience for me. I was new to the concept and had no experience of any of the practices. Gay talked me through all my concerns and fears and gently led me to emerge calm and strong - not to mention shocked that I actually made it! There was no epiphany to change my life, but so much time and energy to sit with everything and my life is better for it.”



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