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Feeling Past Lives Bleeding Through

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Do you ever feel the presence of a ‘former life’ bleeding through into your current life? I have often felt this when I’ve been somewhere new and it felt familiar like ‘coming home’ or a type of music such as African brings such joy to my heart.

Another for me are certain events, especially those which show skill and fortitude like the Olympic Games where, as the winners step on the podium and their national anthem plays, I am shredded with tears and deep emotion which makes me wonder what role I played at some time in that type of scenario of winning or maybe losing in sport? And is this why I have absolutely no interest in sport in this life at all - almost abhorring it!

And a marching Highland Pipe Band reduces me to such emotion I have to turn away with a handkerchief to my weeping face. These emotional triggers are really interesting as they are not based on anything in my current life.

Another major example for me was in a Monastery in Tibet in 2000 where the presence of a very elderly High Lama, who escaped from Tibet to Australia, was visiting the Potala Palace. It brought me to my knees in deep emotion. People were approaching him for a blessing and I so wanted to go forward but I just couldn’t move, I was in such a mess of tears. I deeply regret this, but what must have happened to me there and why am I still so drawn to Tibet?

But there is never a more prominent bleed through than in Neolithic sites when I stand on land once used for sacred ceremonies especially in Orkney when I just KNOW I have been there before and the past becomes tangible to me. I hunker down in dark niches in hidden chambers and am lost to the energies still alive there. I keep being drawn back to certain sites and reading the imprints within the stones and feeling totally humbled by the experience.

Have you somewhere that you feel drawn to? A type of music? A nation that you feel akin to? What perhaps happened to you there?

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