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Beautiful Nature

The Fire of My Soul

In these times, I find myself being drawn ever deeper into a connection with Nature and the Elements. It’s a ‘Solo Journey’ as well as a ‘Journey of the Soul’. It’s a calling, and a need to remember the ancient times when we honoured and communed with the Nature Spirits. When we understood the support and help they can give us as restricted humans on what is now becoming a prison planet. But I realize the prison is often within our own heads and I find myself drawn to walk among trees that whisper delights in my ear, dance on the earth exchanging joyful energy and lie under the same stars that shone down on my Ancestors. I feel free in nature – body, mind and spirit without restrictions.

I hear the Elementals calling me and I pick up my blanket, leave home and make my way to a safe place to hunker down by a fire, beat my drum and sing my sacred song. I sleep on the ground and feel her pulse, I walk in the night and notice for the first time Sirius above me attracting my attention as always and I sleep better than I have for awhile. Being in Nature nurtures me and replenishes my energy – and today I feel renewed.

This came to me as I sat mesmerized by the Dance of the Fire and discovered 3 separate stages of its burn

1: The Initial Burn – gold and yellow with Dancing Elementals leaping in the high flames

2: The Midpoint Burn – things calm down as the Earth Elementals slowly begin to peep through supporting the Firewalk of the Dancers

3: The Ember Glow – red and earthy as Wisdom Beings appear whispering ancient secrets.

Join me for an adventure in Nature.

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