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No Time To Die vs. David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust

Everyone I speak to looked forward to and loved the new Bond movie. But I struggled to stay until the end and found my stress levels rising with the sound + overlapping nail biting scenes. (I was also struck by the theme of biological warfare!!) I observed my body tensing up in fear as I became attached to the outcome of these intense close up ‘chases’ exacerbated by the extremely loud vibration of rhythmic sound booms which I felt resounding deep within my body. I felt very uncomfortable and, being a sound practitioner, I was aware that the sonic boom was created to embed the fear into the body. It was interesting and brought to mind a teaching I received many years ago which goes as follows.

“Watching a dramatic film with well designed sonic effects can take us into a theta brainwave state of which we may be unaware. If that theatre is full of people then we have a group consciousness all vibrating in this state of stress which creates a massive fear energy wave into the planet.”

I left 007 feeling quite drained. BUT - the opposite can happen - with festivals and high energy concerts when the vibe through the music and excitement of the crowd climbs higher and higher as the energy bounces between the band and the audience as they exchange vibrations. Everyone leaves blissed out. This first happened to me at a Ziggy Stardust David Bowie concert – yes long ago. I was young but noticed I felt different after the concert. My first ‘high’….

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